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On February 10, 2023, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issued a reminder to submit all required initial evidence and supporting documentation, including Form I-693, for Form I-485 applications. USCIS advises utilizing the ‘Checklist of Required Initial Evidence’ as a guide to ensure all items are submitted. Doing so may eliminate the need for USCIS to issue a Request for Evidence (RFE) to obtain additional evidence and documentation. This may also help avoid adjudication delays if the applicant does not need to be interviewed.

USCIS also suggests filing Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record, when you file Form I-485 in order to save time. Please note that, from December 9, 2021, until March 31, 2023, USCIS will temporarily waive the requirement that the civil surgeon’s signature be dated no more than 60 days before filing Form I-485.

If you have questions about any of these required documents, please schedule a consultation today with one of our immigration attorneys at this link.

For more information, please visit this page.


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