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Simone Williams to Serve as Commissioner on MACCCA!

Washington DC Mayor Bowser's Office has selected our Managing Attorney, Simone Williams to be sworn in on September 17, 2018 as one of seven new Commissioners for the Advisory Commission on Caribbean Community Affairs (MACCCA).

The Mayor’s Office of Talent and Appointments constantly seeks to identify and recognize talented individuals by having them fill in specific roles appointed within the DC government, in order to better engage the community it serves. This Office focuses on community members and professionals who display a number of skills and work towards the betterment of the District, and Simone Williams represents those values perfectly.

MACCCA seeks to liaison and encourage communication between, and collaboration with, organizations, agencies, civic groups and other commissions dedicated to the enhancement, promotion, development and expansion of the relationship between the local government and members of Caribbean communities who reside in DC. The Commission serves as an advocate for members of these Caribbean communities who reside in the area, and provides them with a better voice for reviewing and commenting on proposed DC laws, regulations and policies that may affect them.

As part of the MACCCA, Simone Williams and the other Commissioners will help identify ways to engage the community, as well as propose and discuss opportunities to collaborate with other government agencies, non-profits or the private sector to provide resources to the community; among other duties.

This new role is a rewarding addition to Simone’s already remarkable career, which is reflected in her continued, successful practice of immigration law in the DC area and beyond.

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