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The Malta’s Individual Investor Program (IIP) is the first citizenship program in the European Union to be recognized by the European Commission.  It offers high net worth individuals and their families worldwide citizenship in a stable, neutral and highly respected EU Member Country. Malta is the only citizenship by investment program that provides access to both the European Union and the Schengen Area.    The processing time to obtain a Malta passport is one year.


Malta requires a government donation in addition to the typical fees present with all programs. To qualify for citizenship, the main applicant is required to contribute a minimum €650,000, plus €25,000 for a spouse and each minor child. Adult dependent children up to 25 years old, as well as dependent parents, may be added for an additional €50,000 fee per person.

In addition to the contribution, the applicant must invest €150,000 in Maltese government bonds or stocks, for a period of five years. Also, the investor must purchase a real estate for a minimum value of €350,000, or rent or enter a five-year lease for at least €16,000 per year.


As a citizen of Malta, you can take advantage of a range of personal benefits which include:


  • Dependence on more than one passport

  • Visa-free travel to more than 160 countries in the world

  • Stable political system, very strong legal system and well-established institutions

  • Highly evolved educational system and excellent health services

  • Possible tax planning benefits

  • Personal security

  • Ability to set up business in Malta


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