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Significant Increase in H-1B Denials and RFEs!!

A recent study released by the National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP), indicated that in order to follow President Trump’s Executive Order “Buy American, Hire American”, the number of H-1B denials and Requests for Evidence (RFE) has significantly increased. Some highlights of the report are as follows:

1. In 2017, H-1B denials have increased by 41% from the third quarter to the fourth quarter of fiscal year (FY);

2. The number of RFEs received in the fourth quarter of FY 2017 exceeded all three other quarters combined;

3. Between October and December of 2016, RFEs were received for 18.2% of cases compared to 72% of cases for FY 2017

4. Indian-based companies hiring H-1B workers appear to be significantly affected -- there has been a sharp increase in the number of H-1B denials for these companies

We, at Williams Global Law, continue to work with our clients to anticipate these challenges and file successful petitions. Please contact us today with questions or concerns!

Source: NFAP

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