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Department of State on Revisions to Travel Ban (Presidential Proclamation 9645, Apr. 10, 2018)

On April 10, a new Presidential Proclamation (P.P.) was issued which amended P.P. 9645 of September 24, 2017. The new P.P. removed the visa restrictions imposed on nationals of Chad, which came into effect on April 13, 2018. As a result of the April 10 Proclamation, nationals of seven countries are currently subject to various travel restrictions contained in the Proclamation, as outlined in the following table, subject to exceptions and waivers set forth in the Proclamation.

In accordance with P.P. 9645, for nationals of the seven (7) designated countries, a consular officer will determine whether an applicant otherwise eligible for a visa is exempt from the Proclamation or, if not, may be eligible for a waiver under the Proclamation allowing issuance of a visa. No visas will be revoked pursuant to P.P. 9645. Individuals subject to P.P. 9645 who possess a valid visa or valid travel document generally will be permitted to travel to the United States, irrespective of when the visa was issued.

Source: DOS.

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