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What you need to know when applying for International Entrepreneur Program!

As we have reported before, the Parole for International Entrepreneurs program (IEP) is a new USCIS program available to foreign entrepreneurs. Occasionally called the “start-up” visa, the IEP is specifically designed for entrepreneurs coming to the US to launch or operate a newly formed venture.

What is different about the IEP as opposed to other visa programs is that it only grants qualified immigrant entrepreneurs “parole status”, which means that it provides them with status to run their companies in the United States for up to 30-months, extendable to up to 5 years. Therefore, IEP is not actually a visa, nor does it provide a direct path to permanent residency (green card).

Requirements for the IEP are pretty straightforward, mandating only that the applicant own at least 10% of a US business which was formed within 5 years of the application filing, and which has received a minimum of $250,000 in investment from established US investors or at least $100,000 through qualified government awards or grants.

If you are interested in learning more on this program, please contact us.

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