Trump Administration Plans to Renegotiate NAFTA

The Trump Administration is seeking renegotiation of North American Free Trade Agreement (“NAFTA”), the three-member agreement with Mexico and Canada.

With a letter to U.S. lawmakers, Robert Lighthizer, the newly confirmed United States trade representative, stated that the administration aims to support economic growth and better-paying jobs through improvements to NAFTA that would modernize the agreement.

Renegotiation of NAFTA was a key campaign promise of U.S. President Donald Trump, who even threatened to pull out of the agreement entirely.

After revisions to the document, there should be a 90-day consultation period leading to NAFTA talks. Although renegotiations are not expected to have an immediate impact on U.S. NAFTA-related immigration programs, they could lead to changes in the immigration provisions of the 23-year-old agreement in the future.

Click here to learn more about TN NAFTA nonimmigrant classification.

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