New Guidance for Inquiries to Address Increased Processing Times

The USCIS announced recently that average processing times for EB-5 cases has reached 16 months. To address this issue, the Investor Program Office (IPO) has focused on hiring new adjudication officers, or legal professionals who work for government agencies, and processing their oldest pending cases first. Even with this increased effort, there is still trouble with handling all of the cases.

To increase faster communication and efficiency between stakeholders and the IPO, the IPO has instructed stakeholders to file inquiries by emailing

The IPO initially asks stakeholders for 14 calendar days to respond to inquiries. After those 14 days, the IPO has recently allowed stakeholders to send another email to the IPO with the world “ESCALATE” in the subject line of the email to indicate that the inquiry needs further attention.

This development is important in building transparency and open communication between the IPO and the stakeholders.

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