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Our attorneys bring their extensive knowledge of the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program to bear when advising our clients. We advise on the full scope of financing options that are available for funding new commercial enterprises or reviving businesses. We help such clients capitalize on the benefits of participation in the EB-5 program by aligning their core business objectives with financing strategies. We have successfully helped Regional Centers receive and maintain their USCIS certification.

Clients seeking a USCIS designation as a Regional Center or project approval in a targeted employment area (TEA) receive comprehensive counsel that will untangle the complex legal framework governing foreign investor activity in U.S.-based companies. Once a designation has been obtained, we help the Regional Center and its promoters navigate the complex rules governing the overseas promotion of EB-5 projects to investors who are seeking permanent residency through startup investment vehicles.

Our strategic alliances in China, India, Brazil and Africa provide additional on the ground support on investor relations issues.

We represent immigrant entrepreneurs, investors and their dependents who are seeking to establish legal residency in the United States through EB-5 category investments.  In addition, our attorneys advise on every aspect of an EB-5 immigrant investor case, from determining how to properly invest in a business enterprise, preparing an EB-5 immigrant investor visa petition (Form I-526) to petitioning for the removal of conditions (Form I-829) in an investor’s quest for a permanent residence card ("green card").  On a regular basis, we prepare and submit I-526 conditional residency applications and provide continued guidance throughout the subsequent two-year period to ensure that the EB-5 related commercial investment continues to qualify.  We also oversee the filing process to remove the conditions on permanent residency status for our clients by virtue of the I-829 petition process.

Whether dealing with the traditional EB-5 investment category to take an active role in the strategic direction of a company or opting for passive involvement by investing in a designated Regional Center, we have the necessary experience to help immigrant investors identify and create EB-5 investment opportunities that stimulate job growth, heighten economic activity and make permanent residency in the United States a reality. We also assist foreign national investors with their business and residential objectives by developing U.S.-based commercial opportunities and expanding foreign operations in USCIS-approved geographic markets.


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